Adoptiq puts print back on the map

tolocal-portretManaging partner Frank-Paul ter Berg of ToLocal believes in Adoptiq like he believes in local door-to-door media in print and online: “With Adoptiq, we give print a prominent position in the media mix again.”

His passion for local media was born when Frank-Paul ter Berg was responsible for business development at Telegraaf Media Group in 2008. “There is where I discovered that local media truly work and offer real added value to clients.” A year later, he founded Lokale Media Partners (LMP), a print service for local door-to-door publishers. It had a coverage rate of over 90% in the Netherlands. He left LMP in 2011 and founded ToLocal in 2014. “I was convinced that local independent websites were not benefitting  from the large and expanding national online market, because they were not yet fully connected  to a wide range of systems.” Over the course of two years, ToLocal became the largest independent online sales network for online local media.

Last year, ToLocal’s managing partner came into contact with Adoptiq. He got excited about Adoptiq’s plans right away. “Based on the technology they were planning to develop at the time, I told them what I believed the local market’s structure was like and that it is crucial to be able to plan by postal code and branch. I said it would also be wise to digitise the order process. Adoptiq did just that. I believe they have developed a system that is able to elevate print to a higher level again and to make local media more accessible. Revenue in the print sector has decreased dramatically in recent years, while door-to-door is still a very effective medium fort local advertisers.”

What got you so excited and involved right away?
“I believe in the concept and now that we actually have substance with ToLocal, with 70 associated publishers, 200 titles and a print run of 5.7 million per week, we will be actively promoting Adoptiq.”

What inventory do you offer via Adoptiq?
“We participate with all of our titles. It is very exciting to me that Adoptiq makes automated trading for print possible. I am sure they will pull it off. It is just unfortunate that so many people are still hesitant to jump in. That is a problem for Adoptiq. I told them that we will not be waiting around. This is a new technological development and we have to participate in order to put the medium of print back on the map.”What are your experiences with the platform?
“Our experiences with Adoptiq are extremely positive. It is an inspiring group of people totolocal-portret work with. They inspire me because they never give up, even in the face of setbacks from the market. At the same time they are realistic, because they also realise that not everyone will jump on board tomorrow.

Automated trading for online also started with nothing. Adoptiq will provide accessibility and give print a prominent place in the media mix again. All it takes is for media agencies, clients and publishers to say: ‘Let’s do it!’” 

Text: Astrid Prummel – Out In The Open

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