All printmedia in one place — I saw the possibilities right away

Raimon Gort, co-founder and CEO of Reshift, about the Adoptiq platform.

The story was clear for Reshift. That’s why Reshift magazines were the first ones available on the Adoptiq platform

“I hope everybody in the market is going to use the platform. Both supply ánd demand. Adoptiq will become a very powerful trading platform for print media if all parties decide to join.”

Reshift is a publisher of 22 special interest titles like Computer Idee and Power Unlimited. Magazines that, according to Raimon, are made by passionate and knowledgeable professionals. That is also the way Reshift looks at advertising. The publisher’s account managers and media advisors apply their knowledge and creativity to create as much added value as possible for the advertiser.

Advertisers tend to only see a portion of the possibilities in advertising. Either because they focus on the titles they already advertise in, because they have running contracts, or simply because it are the regular titles. Which is a shame because there are so many more titles and advertising opportunities out there.

According to Raimon a platform like Adoptiq can eliminate stigmas that some titles have, just by offering the available print advertisement opportunities as a whole. “That creates opportunities for both publishers and advertisers.”

Being visible on the platform isn’t the only advantage. Buying ‘a round’ is currently still a major undertaking. And despite the industry being very much alive, it has to adjust to accommodate the changing world around it.

“Taking away the boundaries should smooth out the decline of print.”

Reshift sees a big roll for automated trading in the future. Currently Reshift uses Adoptiq as an addition to traditional sales channels but this will change for sure. “It would be ideal when direct and programmatic work side by side and compliment each other, just like we see online.”

Raimon points out that not all positions are suited for programmatic buying.“Publishers and advertisers will always want to talk to each other when it comes to special advertisements. A substantial part of the advertisement space however, can be filled using an automated saleschannel.”

by: Bas Kinsbergen