Are media agencies ready for automated trading in print?

VivaKi-eXchange_logo_FinalMedia agencies and procurement organizations are critical when it comes to new buying processes. After all, they have to familiarize themselves with a large number of platforms.

For Natasja Elmont (buying director Vivaki Exchange), it is a fact that automatic buying in print is the future. As far as she is concerned, Adoptiq holds the right cards with the recent interface changes and everything being integrated into the ‘My Lots’ screen.

“It’s now more user-friendly. It is easier to make selections and there is a clear overview.”

Vivaki Exchange has tested the platform for the last few months by placing shadow orders for clients in the beauty industry, and provided regular feedback to Adoptiq. Elmont feels that many of the suggestions have been adopted. “We are almost ready to start using the platform. A few colleagues in the department will explore deeper into the system and continue testing.”

“Not all platforms are this user friendly”

To move from shadow orders to regular use, certain steps still have to be taken. Elmont is keeping a close eye on the developments. “There is some more work to be done, especially to make it more interesting for our large clients. Attracting more glossies is crucial here. This is why we carefully monitor which titles are added. Ideally, all publishers should join. It would be best if the entire inventory of publishers is available in Adoptiq, so that there is no need to consult different management information systems. But it is also possible that the premium positions will not be made available through this platform. However, that would be an absolute precondition for us.”

Elmont has noticed that other media, such as outdoor, are also launching automated trading platforms. “In a few years, everything will be done like this, of that I’m certain. There are currently many tools and not all of them are very user friendly or even compatible. In an ideal world, everything is eventually combined into one integrated portal.


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