Austria adopting automated trading print

Now that the Dutch market is slowly getting used to the possibility of automated trading of print ad space, the Austrian market is also beginning to adopt this innovation.

The “Verband Österreichischer Zeitungen” (VÖZ), the Austrian branch association of newspaper and magazine publishers, has decided together with its members to start using Adoptiq’s technology per 1 January. Initially, the four biggest publishers will go live. If their findings are positive, the other members of the VÖZ will follow suit

Managing Director of VÖZ, Gerald Grünberger: “The VÖZ is always looking for innovations and new developments that can help our members – newspapers and magazines – improve their existing business. The Austrian print industry has always been highly competitive and responsible for the majority share in the advertisement market. Our challenge for the future is to maintain this position for both print and digital. Adoptiq is an interesting and innovative solution that allows us to create a disruptive movement in the advertising model. In early January of 2017, we will begin a period of testing. This will enable us to sell print ads in new ways, which will ideally lead to a win-win situation for all stakeholders.”

At the moment, the Adoptiq team is working hard to prepare the test that is scheduled for early next year. According to Menno Kenter, CEO of Adoptiq, the timing of the Austrian publishers is excellent. It coincides with the moment at which we will have acquired the necessary funding for our internationalisation. “We have had plans to quickly move abroad for a while now. For some time, we have been talking to publishers in several other countries. Some of these talks are in an advanced stage. With the government’s innovation grant and this commitment from Austria, we can accelerate this step. Here at Adoptiq, we are proud to have earned the trust of these parties.”

Text: Cees Polman – MD The Netherlands at Adoptiq

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