Don’t be afraid, let’s make this work, together

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Mark Peeters, Sales Coordinator, and Sofie Jacobs of F&L Publishing Group on the Adoptiq platform, the digital trading platform for printed advertisements.

F&L Publishing currently offers 18 titles on the Adoptiq platform. Mark Peeters, Sales Coordinator, is enthusiastic about the platform. Together with Sofie Jacobs, he is responsible for the introduction of Adoptiq at F&L.

In addition to a great number of specials, F&L Publishing group has 18 special interest titles with a combined circulation of 500,000. That makes F&L Publishing Group one of the largest publishers of the Benelux. Yet, not everyone knows F&L. Sofie explains:“F&L has always been focused on titles, not on the organization. Advertisers therefore don’t always know F&L Publishing Group, but most do know its titles like foodies, iCreate, and Auto review.”

It is possible that advertisers don’t know all of the F&L titles. A digital trading platform like Adoptiq can change that, making the titles more visible to advertisers.

“My first response to this was: Why wasn’t this invented yet? This is the future of buying and selling printed advertisements,” says Mark. F&L Publishing Group therefore hasn’t only put all its titles live on Adoptiq but also uses a number of different strategies like the usage of the Buy now phase, bid phase as well as the last-minute phase. “We really want this to work.”

According to Sofie, getting all the titles on the platform was quite the job. She does find the system to be accessible, and with the help of Adoptiq trainer Patrick Grotenbreg she was on her way in no time.

There was understandably some skepticism among the account managers, but Mark is sincerely convinced that trading on the platform will only have upsides for this function.“Adoptiq relieves the customer as well as our account managers by taking care of administrative tasks. This means that account managers have more time to create value for advertisers by guiding them to a powerful and focused storyline.”

“Account managers shouldn’t have an administrative role for buying and selling. That’s where systems come in.”

Adoptiq does have room for improvement. Wishes include a clustered rendering of titles per publisher in the DSP, marketing functionalities, the possibility to compare titles on circulation and the option to link a theme to an individual edition, and a consistently reliable way for publishers to determine the reach per title. However, Mark realizes that this is more an issue that has to be addressed by the industry as a whole.

Mark: “The system isn’t perfect, but let’s work constructively to makes this work instead of being afraid.”

by: Bas Kinsbergen