Integration of Adoptiq with corporate systems

Adoptiq at the 2nd Lineup global user conference

To make the automation process of trading in print ad space even more efficient, aspects like order management integration are of vital importance. For some time now, Adoptiq has been in contact with several suppliers of order management systems used in the publishing sector. One of these suppliers is Lineup.

On 22 September, Adoptiq was a guest at Lineup’s global user conference for the second time. In the beautiful London City Hall, which offers a great view of the iconic Tower Bridge, Adoptiq was one of the speakers for Lineup’s relations.

This second edition of the global user conference was all about driving digital transformation. At City Hall, a respectable group of publishers from all over the world had come together. Besides the various speakers from Lineup itself, several guest speakers were invited to present their own views on digital transformation. Many of the presentations were about the question of how the transformation of digital media can be organised properly.

During his presentation, Timo Vrijenhoek (Business Development Manager at Adoptiq) talked about the key challenges of moving towards an automated and perhaps a programmatic world – not for online this time, but for print ads. His story – about automating the purchasing and sales processes, the role that data can play in the planning and purchasing process and the possibility of achieving transactions in a new way via an online exchange – captured the imagination of the audience.

Lineup is one of the world’s fastest-growing advertisement systems. As part of its objective of automating the sales process for print ads, Lineup and Adoptiq are working on a technical integration with Adpoint. For users of Adpoint, this will lead to increased efficiency. Lineup’s Adpoint is one of the advertisement systems for which Adoptiq will provide a generic connection. If you would like to know whether Adoptiq can also be integrated with your own order management solution, contact Mark Nouwen.