“Printing world, embrace digitalisation!”

The publishing world should really innovate and digitise, also in terms of planning & buying. Magna Global‘s Stephan van der Sman is clear: “Let’s cast off and set sail!”

That Stephan van der Sman has a love for printing becomes clear as soon as he starts talking about the publishing world. It hurts the buying director print of Magna Global to see the printing world shrinking year after year, he says in plain language. “The thing that bothers me most, is that some publishers remain with their backs on the ground. The Persgroep is a positive exception and also at Sanoma they have started looking outwards rather than constantly focusing on their own organisation.”

Obviously he understands why, he immediately adds: “The structural problem is a vicious circle. Business is not good, which leads to cutting costs, including in the sales department. As a result, there are fewer people in the field, there are fewer outstanding offers, less is sold, which in turn leads using the cheese slicer to cut costs again, resulting in even less pressure in the market, etcetera.”


Drive for innovation

No matter how difficult it is, the market is changing and publishers, media agencies and advertisers should respond to that, van der Sman believes. “We still make bookings the same way we did 30 years ago, incredible isn’t it? The Adoptiq platform provides the innovation that is needed. I completed a training and we plan to run a trial with Adoptiq. I’m very excited and really think we can make huge strides forward.”

As a matter of fact, things aren’t moving along quickly enough, he explains. “I think the market still feels insufficient urgency or has other priorities. Even though it is very simple: if I want a quarter page in the Metro next Friday, I can book this directly through Adoptiq; all ordering is done automatically.”

All publishers and media agencies know of Adoptiq, van der Sman thinks. “They talk to each other and we are now at a point where I think: let’s cast off and start sailing. We need to gain experience and once a party is successful, the rest will follow. Therefore I’d like to say: printing world, embrace digitalisation. Ultimately, it produces economies of scale and thus cost savings, benefiting everyone. Which is exactly what we need for the innovation we must have.”

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