Programmatic buying for all media, online ánd offline media

A vision on the future of advertising

Traditional print publishers evolved to cross-media publishers in the past decade. Next to printed media print brands reach their audience via online platforms, video platforms, online blogs, events etc…

In this fast changing media environment the challenge for advertisers is to reach the best targeted audience, at the right time, with the right message, using the most efficient media-mix. In this process advertising technology plays a growing role.

The ad tech evolution accelerated seven years ago when technology replaced manual processes in the online advertising industry. New trading principles like real time bidding and programmatic buying were introduced. Not only to increase efficiency but also to offer ad buyers better targeted inventory at the right price. Other media like digital TV, radio and digital Out of Home soon followed with similar trading technologies. This has created a completely new playing field in advertising. But what about traditional media like print?

“Software will automate ad trading in all media channels.”

The print advertising trading process today is still mainly a manual process. And although the back end of the process is often highly automated, the planning, sales and booking process is still done through traditional one-to-one sales channels. The print industry is aware of this deficit and is looking for innovations to leapfrog into a new era.

The ad trading market will eventually evolve to a market where audiences are traded across all media. Non-digital ad inventory is digitalized through media specific supply side platforms. The inventory is enriched with consumer behaviour data from trusted, industry certified sources, publisher owned data and third party data.

At the demand side, technology platforms tap into the inventory offered on these SSP’s. All the different media channels are appraised equally on qualitative and quantitative aspects. Publishers can yield and optimise their ad inventory across all channels to maximise revenues and margins. Advertisers can plan, buy, monitor and optimise their campaigns in a highly automated way from one central buying platform.

But to get there, the print media industry first needs to get at the same level playing field as other media. Starting with automation of the sales process.

by: Cees Polman — Managing Director NL
and: Timo Vrijenhoek — VP Product Management