Students working with Adoptiq

Not hindered by knowledge of the platform, the advertisement market or the challenges of the media industry, a group of 12 students started working with Adoptiq. Three multidisciplinary teams spent a weekend working on an assignment, prepared by Adoptiq, according to the Design Sprint method of Google.

This Sprint Case was supervised by the company Handshake, which selected students of the Communication and Multimedia Design course of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and of the “International Business Innovation Studies” of InHolland University for this.

Laurens Kat, Business Consultant: “It’s inspiring to see the students embarking on this assignment with such enthusiasm. The results after just one weekend were impressive.”

On Friday, the students started with the first step: Mapping the Problem, or: understanding the issue. Using various assignments they identified the problem. Subsequently, they chose a goal that they were trying to achieve.

Saturday was all about Sketch & Decide. In the morning the focus was on the solutions. The students worked individually on drafts of the solutions, which were combined during the third stage of Sprint in the afternoon. These pooled ideas then formed the basis for creating a storyboard, in preparation for the prototype.

Sunday was Prototype & Testing day. Using Saturday’s storyboard, the teams created a prototype that was presented at the end of the day. During the presentations it quickly became clear that the prototypes they had created were very good. The three teams were invited to present their ideas to the entire Adoptiq team. Again, the responses were very positive! The Sprint Case has blown winds of change through Adoptiq.

Stefano Toledo, UX designer: “The combination of a fresh perspective and enthusiasm inspired us. I believe that this collaboration is very valuable to all parties.”

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